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Throughout her reporting career, Amy Goodman has distinguished herself as one of the most outspoken and principled journalists in the country. Not only that, as the host and driving force behind the daily current affairs program Democracy Now! she helped create a worldwide movement in independent media, and a show that now airs on over 1300 stations across the United States and around the world. In this interview we speak with Amy about her early childhood forays into journalism, about a harrowing chapter she experienced reporting on the brutal occupation of East Timor, and discuss her philosophy of why having a healthy independent media is so crucial. 

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For over 15 years Alex Blumberg was a producer at This American Life, where he gained acclaim for producing superb and timely investigative pieces like The Giant Pool of Money, and When Patents Attack. But since August he's found himself in a decidedly new role, as the CEO of a startup podcasting company called Gimlet media. And through a bit of luck and procrastination, we caught up with Alex Blumberg in both roles. So this episode we bring you a special interview in two parts - both pre and post setting off to found his own company - with radio producer extraordinaire, Alex Blumberg.

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NPR isn't necessarily known for comedy, but one program in particular - Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! - definitely breaks that mould. This week we speak with Wait Wait's funny and charming host Peter Sagal about his unlikely beginnings in public radio, the role of comedy in politics, and about being a subversive overachiever from early on.

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Part two of our wide-ranging interview with Ira Glass.  In this second half of the conversation, Kevin speaks with Ira about anxiety, climate change, the role of storytelling in the wider world, and how it feels to look back on almost 20 years of This American Life.

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The first in our two part wide-ranging interview with Ira Glass, the host and creator of This American Life. In this portion we discuss with Ira his beginnings in radio, disappointing his parents, the slow process it took to find his voice, and the philosophy he has towards storytelling. 

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Robert Krulwich is best known these days as the co-host of WNYC's Radiolab, but his career in journalism stretches back decades. From the heady early days of NPR to reporting for CBS and ABC News, Krulwich has broken ground and throughout his career proved a truly distinctive voice in the journalistic landscape.

He's also picked up some rather incredible stories along the way... which makes this an interview you won't want to miss. 

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